Monday, November 2, 2009

if i could have just one wish , i would wish to wake up everyday , to feel ur breath on my neck , the warmth pf ur lips on my chicks . the touch of ur fingers on my skin . and the feel of ur heart beating with mine . knowing that i couldn't find that feeling with anyone else other than u ..

i cannot breath a second without u cause i love u , cause i only dream of u , cause i can only think of u , u are my only reality , my only truth .. thats the truth .. but how do i convince u of it ? thought i should write it on a mirror .. tell u ,, tell the world that i have no world other then u .. that u are my universe , my life , my reason for existence ....... my everything ,... i love u so much .. even if i were to attach , u will always be in my heart ..

i love u forever .. even if im old and gray .. even if im taken , i will love u everyday ..

♥Berry Chandella♥
28 Dec is my big day .
my blog , my say . not happy get lost . i love SHAWAL ..